Assessment Services

With tremendous depth in its practice in assessment and accreditation at the program, state, regional, and national levels, EMS is ready to support your accreditation process.

Enrollment & Recruiting Services

Our consultants have spent years in the trenches developing programs and courses that have reached their intended audiences. Their skills in enrollment management have made this a possibility.  While we focus on training your personnel to own the process, we can also do the services for you.  

Financial Aid Services

EMS can train and support your Financial Aid Team

Free Services

EMS has several services that are FREE to your institution.

Instructional Design Services

Use EMS Curricular & Instructional Design Services to help create new programs and increase your enrollment. Go from 0 to 250 in less than two years.

Other Services

As a full-service higher education consulting firm, EMS has a number of services designed to support your growing institution.