Free Faculty Leads and Faculty Services

EMS now provides institutions with free adjunct faculty leads to help get its core faculty population developed. We can provide faculty based on their degree, degree level, faith background, and other characteristics. EMS works with your institution to find best fits and helps place the faculty with your institution. Contact us for details to get the faculty you need in place.

Our consultants have also served in a variety of faculty roles including full-time and tenure track faculty and adjunct roles. Additionally, they have lead and developed large faculty pools. Our consultants can help your school:

  • Recruit and hire the right type of faculty for your mission
  • Develop proper orientation programs according to your policies and procedures
  • Develop faculty evaluation systems
  • Develop ongoing training programs
  • Develop faculty reward systems
  • Develop faculty mentoring programs
  • Develop faculty scholarship initiatives
  • Develop termination procedures