Enrollment & Recruiting Services

Our consultants have spent years in the trenches developing programs and courses that have reached their intended audiences. Their skills in enrollment management have made this a possibility. EMS can assist your institution in:

  • Adjusting your current enrollment procedures
  • Developing updated enrollment procedures as needed
  • Documenting the changes
  • Training staff regarding the process

EMS has a number of packaged services that most clients find valuable. Two of our more popular packaged services are:

Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay Per Click, or PPC as it is known in the industry, can be a vital tool for institutions to grow their student base. With PPC, you can address multiple objectives while other campaigns do not provide the same advantages:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Find customers at all stages of the buying cycle
  • Discover, Research, Compare, Purchase
  • Brand Awareness
  • New Customer Acquisition

With this service, our PPC Manager will run your adword campaigns for your with an experienced eye.  

Recruitment Mentoring & Development

  • Marketing Plan Development and Refinement: Our personnel are very experienced in marketing adult and online programs. EMS will develop or refine an institution's marketing plans, enhancing them with time-tested, market-proven methods and strategies for generating learners for your programs. These methods and strategies have been tested at a number of both leading institutions and those just starting programs for adult and online degrees and have consistently seen results. Through this process, you will have a well-developed plan for overall areas of marketing.
  • Recruiter’s Bootcamp: This service is a two-day, application-oriented workshop with your recruiting staff, training them in effective methods for recruiting adult and online learners or for traditional undergraduate learners. The leaders of the workshop are experienced recruiting personal having served at the line-level and at the administrative level of recruiting services. This can be done with either the director of recruiting for the program or with the entire team.
  • Recruitment Mentoring: After attending the Recruiter’s Bootcamp, the mentoring services offer a bi-weekly follow-up service to coach, review plans, numbers, tactics, and to make sure the institution and its personnel are making effective progress on recruiting and marketing efforts. This can be done with either the director of recruiting for the program or with the entire team.
  • Leads & Placement Mentoring: The newest EMS marketing service, organic web marketing, is a service that is designed to help the institution generate its own leads through its website. While results may vary, one client has implemented this system and has been able to reduce its lead purchase through third party sources from $2.5 Million to roughly $200 Thousand while seeing lead conversation rates jump from 2 – 5% up to 18 – 20%. Through this service, EMS will train your team how to implement the same strategies at your institution and begin to work develop your own lead generation system of your own adherents.  If you still need additional help after completing this training, EMS can help you with its PPC services.  

Executive Mentoring

In an effort to provide more hands on development of your recruiting/admissions/enrollment area, EMS can have a consultant work weekly with your team to develop your team.  Our consultant will spend time weekly on the phone and through email and every other month will come to your campus to engage your team.  Teams that have implemented this service have seen exceptional growth in their student base and the development of a recruiting team that thrives.  

Outsourced Recruiter

If you are in need of a recruiter to help supplement your team, EMS can provide an online, outsourced recruiter dedicated to helping you get more students.  Our recruiters are experienced in adult/online/graduate recruiting and are used to goal-driven practice.  

Virtual Vice President of Enrollment

EMS has several individuals with extensive experience in marketing for adult and online and traditional programs that would be able to help lead your team on a temporary or long-term basis. Typically, our Virtual Vice President of Enrollment would spend several days to a week per month on site at your institution and then have regular meetings via telephone or Skype with the team to assure that they are moving forward appropriately. They are available by e-mail for discussions as well. They would serve at the direction of the president and would implement the initiatives in the project.