Assessment Services


As the basis for continued growth and improvement, Assessment is a vital practice within the higher education institution.  Whether your institution has dedicated staff assigned to the assessment of the program or you are just beginning to consider how you might develop or rework you assessment system, EMS can provide the support you need in conceptualizing, developing, documenting, and implementing your system.

Further, the EMS team can provide initial training and ongoing support to your staff to help make sense of the results and then make the appropriate changes to your educational programming.


EMS has a tremendous depth in its practice in the accreditation field. Our consultants have been involved at the program, state, regional, and national levels of consulting. Members of the team have been involved with accrediting bodies in roles such as Peer Reviewer, Team Leader, State Ombudsman, Staff Member, and ARC Chair.  EMS is ready to assist your institution through its accreditation process by:

  • Preparing the organization for the transition to an accredited institution
  • Preparing policies to assist in the transition
  • Preparing procedures to assist in the transition
  • Training staff and faculty regarding the transition
  • Strategic Planning before, during, and after the transition
  • Preparation of accrediting documents