Other Services

Because we are a full service higher education consulting firm, EMS Provides a number of auxiliary services in conjunction with our main services of Curriculum & Instructional Design, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid Training and Support, EMSRecruiting Search Services, and Assessment & Accreditation. These services include:

  • Extension Site Development:  For the non-accredited institution, EMS can help you connect with partner schools to offer online, accredited programs and allow your students to gain access to federal financial aid to complete the programs.
  • Executive Search Services:  EMS can help you find the right team members for your organization.  
  • Outsourced Service Team:  EMS can provide you with an experienced virtual team that will handle all of the roles needed to operate your adult/online/graduate team.  Once they have proven themselves, you can hire ones you prefer directly as full-time employees.  Reduce your risk of a bad hire by outsourcing first.  
  • Coaching: We offer coaching across the spectrum of the institution from President, to VP, to Director, to Faculty, to general life coaching.
  • Student Services Assistance:  We can help you design your student services practice.  
  • Research Services:  Need help deciding on the next program or best practices to implement at your institution, we can do the field research for you.  
  • Organizational Development:  EMS can help you design a high-functioning institution by developing structure that has shown strong results for growth.  
  • Golf Outing Fundraiser:  Would you like additional ways to raise revenue for your development area?  We've packaged research to help you implement a Golf Outing at your institution.