Practical, fresh, and biblically sound, Chazown is a one-of-a-kind life planning experience. Chazown (pronounced khaw-ZONE) is from the Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation, or vision. Perhaps for the first time, your students will clearly understand what they’ve always suspected – they were created and put on earth for a unique and important purpose.

In coordination with Life.Church (, Education Management Services would like to help your institution implement Chazown with your student body. For would-be ministers, the Chazown experience will help them look at their:

  • Past Experiences
  • Core Values
  • Spiritual Gifts

Then based on those items, participants are helped to develop a purpose statement that focuses them on God’s plan for their life. Materials are free. There is no cost to the institution unless they have an EMS consultant come out and deliver Chazown. However, there are free resources to train your own leader to coordinate Chazown at your campus. Contact us today to implement a Chazown experience at your campus.