Accreditation Services

With tremendous depth in its practice in accreditation at the program, state, regional, and national levels, EMS is ready to support your accreditation process.


EMS can provide the support you need in conceptualizing, developing, documenting, and implementing your system of assessment and continual improvement.


Practical, fresh, and biblically sound, Chazown is a one-of-a-kind life planning experience. Chazown (pronounced khaw-ZONE) is from the Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation, or vision.


Do you need some help from experienced practitioners? @EducationMGT can help you by giving you monthly live coaching and e-mail support in a multitude of areas, including:


Use EMS Curricular & Instructional Design Services to help create new programs and increase your enrollment. Go from 0 to 250 in less than two years.

Enrollment Services

Our consultants have spent years in the trenches developing programs and courses that have reached their intended audiences. Their skills in enrollment management have made this a possibility.

Free Faculty Leads and Faculty Services

Get free faculty leads for adjunct roles and other services to develop your faculty.

Golf Outing Fundraiser

Let EMS help you implement or improve your Golf Outing Fundraiser.


EMS consultants are experienced in the area of governance development and can assist your organization in designing, documenting, and implementing the proper format for your situation.


EMS has the experienced personnel to assist your institution in planning its next campaign or reviewing your current one.

Media Relations

Enhance your community image, develop a national presence, and develop your overall press strategy with expert help from Education Management Services.

Organizational Development

EMS consultants can assist your organization with evaluating its environment, developing best practices, and implementing new strategies.

Presidential Coaching

Personal coaching for presidents and administrators leading traditional, adult, online, and graduate schools.

Recruiter's Bootcamp

Recruiter's Bootcamp is designed to help supervisors and recruiters understand the intricacies of recruiting adult and online learners.


Whether it is a new niche market, demographic study, strategy survey, statistical analysis, or some other research effort your institution needs, EMS consultants can help you develop, implement, an

Student Services

Using our proven track record and experience, EMS can assist your institution in providing learner-centered services for your student body.