Recruiter's Bootcamp

Target Market: Recruiters of Adult and Online Learners; Supervisors of Recruiters of Adult and Online Learners

Description: This Bootcamp is designed to help Supervisors and Recruiters understand the intricacies of recruiting adult and online learners. Further, this workshop covers some of the supervisory functions and initiatives needed to fully develop your targeted approach to recruiting adult and online learners. 

If you are interested in this service, please contact Joshua Fischer, Ph.D., President of EMS at

Topics for Recruiters and Supervisors

  • Understanding Adult Learners
  • Strategic Planning for Recruiters
  • Niche Marketing for Lead Generation
  • Strategic Selling – Enrollment Counselors as Coach and Consultant
  • Effective Calling, Effective Meetings, Effective Follow Up
  • Skills Practice in Calling, Meetings and Follow Up
  • Creating a Culture of Success – Building a Enrollment Team

Additional Topics for Supervisors:

  • How to Obtain Good Recruiters
  • Effectively Leading a Recruiting Staff
  • Developing Marketing Strategies