Financial Aid Services

EMS has exceptional expertise base in the area of financial aid management. We offer several services in this area to help our client institutions.  

Non-term Based Financial Aid Packaging Training

For many adult/online/graduate programs, cohorts are started on a rolling enrollment model.  That is, they start whenever a group of students is ready to start.  This is great for being student centered and growing your programs but it means that financial aid does not fit within the normal quarter or semester terms as defined by the U.S. Department of Education and Federal Financial Aid.  As a result, institutions offering programs of this nature will need to structure financial aid for students differently.  

Through this training and mentoring experience, financial aid officers learn how to package aid for non-term students in adult programs.  Wes Brothers, EMS Director of  Financial Aid Services, provides hands on, personalized training for your institution.  After the training, Wes is available for follow-up e-mail and telephone support for six months.  

General Financial Aid Training

For many smaller schools, financial aid has been handled through a third party organization.  Unfortunately, many times an outsourced financial aid company is slow to award and release funds.  The solution to the problem for many is to take over the process and process aid within the institution.  For many, internal expertise does not exist.  Training will include three days of training with supporting workbooks to assure that the institution's financial aid director is prepared to manage financial aid internally.  

Outsourced Service and Support

Clients may purchase ongoing support for the training and outsourced financial aid virtual employees at an hourly rate in packages of 10 hours.  So, if you need further development on financial aid systems and processes or you are in a busy time and are not able to hire a financial aid person immediately, EMS can provide you with the support you need to process financial aid.