Instructional Design Services

Use EMS Curricular & Instructional Design Services to help create new programs and increase your enrollment. Go from 0 to 250 in less than two years.

At EMS, many of our staff have backgrounds in curriculum theory, development, and management. Whether it is locating a writer for a new course that your institution needs or devising an enterprise management system for your curriculum, our consultants have the skills to get the job done.

Our Curriculum Development process provides clients with these elements in their curriculum:

  • Course Frameworks
    • Course Description
    • Cognitive and Affective Course Outcomes
    • Cognitive and Affective Weekly Outcomes that map directly to Course level
    • Resources
    • Outcome-Mapped Assignments
  • Course Unimodule:  This is the entire Curriculum for use in online and onsite programming including
    • Assignments leveled to the program level (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, etc.) with very specific instructions on what to do
    • Student Assignment Checklists for each week made for printing and easy check-off as completed
    • Standardized policies and procedures
    • Standardized rubrics for discussions and research papers
    • Faculty advice on coaching practices helps them guide the students on assignments for both online and onsite versions
  • Curriculum Audits:  This is the hour breakdown of the assignments and reading to fit accreditation and best workload practices for working adults
  • Mastery Documents
    • Master Faculty Guide (contains ALL information / content for a course) in one document
    • Syllabus Document (pulled out as a separate document from the Master Faculty Guide)
    • Weekly Student Documents (pulled out as a separate document from the Master Faculty Guide)