About Us

Who We Are

Education Management Services (EMS) is a higher education consulting company focused on supporting and developing its clientele for their marketplace. In particular, EMS primary focus areas are:

  • Curriculum and Instructional Design Services
  • Recruitment and Enrollment Assistance
  • Strategic Planning and Vision Casting
  • Administrative Development and Design
  • Faculty and staff recruitment and development
  • Accreditation and State Compliance

Our Team

Education Management Services is a team dedicated to higher education with a focus in adult and online learning. Each of the members of the team are practitioners within the field, having spent considerable time working with adult programs and distance learning.

Team members have served in roles ranging from middle management, to faculty, to dean, vice president, and president. Outside of higher education, members have been active in community service work, politics, faith-based organizations, boards, and business sector work.

Joshua T. Fischer, Ph.D.

Joshua T. Fischer, Ph.D. President and CEO

Dr. Joshua Fischer has served in a variety of educational and business sector roles including faculty, CIO, Training Manager, Regional Dean, and President.

Wes Brothers

Wes Brothers Director of Financial Aid Services

Wes leads the EMS Financial Aid Services area. He helps clients learn how to process aid in both term- and non-term based environments and leads the team of support personnel that can assist your institution when they need an extra hand on deck.

Dr. Toni Pauls

Dr. Toni Pauls Executive Search & Career Coaching

Dr. Toni Pauls serves as the Team Lead for Executive Search and Career Coaching for EMS. Dr. Pauls comes to EMS with more than 25 years of experience in Higher Education.

Rob Hartman

Rob Hartman

Rob Hartman has served in the financial arena in roles ranging from director-level to vice president of finance.